Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brett Gardner's Speed Plus Nick Johnson's Bat = Another Loss

I don't know if the Yankees lost again, yesterday. I have to assume they did. Only because it is raining, I'm hung over, and the Jets and Mets are soaring in everything they touch...not to mention the disease known as the Red Sox.

Brett is leading the league in base steals and throws over to first to keep him close. Also, in infield singles, right?

Nick Johnson is dinged up again from watching so many pitches. Worse, his back gets hurt when he reaches first, has to keep one foot on the bag and gets off balance doing so.

It is sure beginning to look like Nick Johnson will never hit. So I started trying to figure out if it really matters. Would you, for example, draft a player if he could play decent defense, guaranteed a .400+ on base percentage but would not have a batting average above .120?

Isn't getting on base what matters? Of course, Tex and others have to drive him in for all of this to mean anything.

Oh well, we had several superstars ( one, anyway ) who didn't hit at all last April and are doing so again. Only this year, there is no A-Rod whose return we are awaiting.

I think the Giant's draft picks over the last three days will prove among the worst in the NFL.

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