Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is John McCain the Javier Vazquez of the GOP?

Both had to go to Arizona after blowing the big one.

Think of those angry Republican Party fans. They were World Champs for eight years, then they bring in McCain, who immediately surrenders the White House, plus a 20-seat grand slam in Congress, to somebody whose name rhymes with Osama. Well, don't expect the bleacher creatures to welcome you home.

Not only that, but he lost 10 mph on his fastball, and he's been getting hit hard for the last eight months. He can't get lefties out. Does he have a chance?

2 comments: said...

McCain is a done deal this fall. Why didn't he retire? Ever since he decided to run for president again, its all been down hill for somebody I once sorta respected.

Bye Bye Balboni said...

At least Javy did well in Atlanta and Chicago. Big Mac was a loser in Georgia and Illinois.