Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It is time to take nominations for April YANKEE OF THE MONTH

Phil Hughes, How to Train Your Dragon.
CC Sabathia, Kick-Ass.
Javier Vazquez, Death at a Funeral.
Nick Johnson, Iron Man II.
Kei Igawa, Precious, Based on the Novel by Saphire

Who are we missing?: The Men Who Stare at Goats


Stang said...

John Sterling, for his Curtis Granderson and Nick Johnson home run calls.

Joe Girardi, for being weird enough to change his mind after ball one of an intentional walk.

Driven By Sheep said...

How about the cast of Finian's Rainbow for creating such a timeless musical that still is in our hearts today?

Joe De Pastry said...

Cano. One of only two Yankees with more homeruns than Jason Varitek.

swishalicious said...

Nick Swisher for being nick swisher

richinvegas said...

Christian Garcia-making his hero, Carl Pavano, proud.

Earl Earl Earl Earl Earl said...

so far

Barrack Obama, for donning the pinstripes

kei Igawa, for still holding down scranton hardcore.

Kurt Russell, for being Snake Plissken and a Yankee Fan

... you know what..forget everyone else...Just put Snake Plissken for IIH Employee of the month.. He did escape NY and LA..

Senator Blutarsky said...

If Cano makes employee of the month, I predict the curse will cause a career ending injury.

Voters, you will have that on your conscience. Do the right thing and vote ABC -- anybody but Cano.

Earl Earl Earl Earl Earl said...

I still say Snake Plissken deserves his own award..

Unknown said...

Robinson Cano hit .400 in April, but that shouldn't factor into the voting.