Saturday, April 24, 2010

FREEFALL: 10 Haunting Questions

1. Two losses in a row; should A-Rod have stepped on home plate in Oakland?

2. Have Hideki and Abreu forged their scorn into hatred?
3. Joba, O, Joba, doth thy bridge forever creak?

4. Why did they sign Kendry Morales, while we signed Juan Miranda?

5. Did A-Rod curse us by stepping on the rubber in Oakland?

6. "Chants of "Let's go Yankees" were met by boos." In the words of Rodney King, why can't people just get along?

7. Will we ever see a 150-win season?

8. Should A-Rod try to undo his plate-step curse in Oakland?

9. Last year, after celebrity deaths, the Yankees went on winning streaks. Do we need to have beloved celebrities die again?

10. Will we ever win another game?

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