Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just Finished Filming

I think we all owe a debt of ingratitude to El Duque for using me in his recent, award winning "Yankeeography." It is the first time I have come close to wearing a tie since November, 2009.

My sources confirm that Cashman's family advisors are contemplating a lawsuit but won't file, because it would drag me back into court as well.

Those who know my history, also know that it was my testimony which caused a certain counter-suit to lose on 226 out of 227 points of law.

In any case, I was happy to join in this historic work by the great one. I am currently at work trying to convince the Cooperstown mavens that IIHIIF "Yankeeographies " have "Hall-of-Fame" credentials.

Meantime, I've returned from my annual wanderings in the Sonoran desert, and have this to offer;

1. The Yankees are off to a decent start despite my complaints.

2. If everyone keeps playing at the same pace, we've got the wild card nailed.

3. Javier Vasquez will soon be replaced by Kei Igawa. There is something about that Yankee uniform that turns him into jelly. He said yesterday that he is building arm strength. I think I know from what.

4. Boston sucks. Not just as a team, but as a nation. Boston fans remind me of weevils playing joyfully in a manure pile.

As an aside, I'm in training for a national drink-off in London, scheduled for this Sunday. But my flight is likely to be cancelled due to those Icelanders who forgot to tame that volcano. I'm told that in the 1800's, that very volcano erupted for two years.

So I'll drink in New York.

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