Friday, April 23, 2010

To anyone content with a mere 11-4 record, root for another team, this is not your website, be gone, and I'll give four reasons why...

Reason No. 1:  Loss No. one.

Reason No. 2: Loss No. two.

Reason No. 3: Loss No. three.

Reason No. 4: Yesterday.

Four horrible defeats.

Yes, we're in first. Yes, we have a decent record..

But we lost yesterday. Understand? We lost. We haven't won a game in a long time.

Twenty four hours.

Maybe it's just me. I never feel secure until we're 30 games over .500.


Bye Bye Balboni said...

Not to ring even more alarm bells, but we are in second place right now. Tampa Bay's magic number is down to, like, 145 or something. Time is running short.

Let all those who see these words heed them as a call to swift and decisive action.

GWC3 said...

Maybe we should try to trade Phil and Joba to the Mets for Santana - to undo the mistake we made a few years ago by not executing that trade. Maybe that will help stop our losing streak.

Or, we can see if the Braves will take Javy back in exchange for Melky (.125/.250/.146). That should do it.

Joe De Pastry said...

Even 30 over might not be good enough the way Tampa is playing. And I don't want no stinking wild-card talk around here either.