Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Umpire Joe West never complained about the pace of the Pope's pedophila investigation

No sir. Mr. Giddiyap said nothing.

According to the Internet, the Pope back in 1985 -- (Think: Henry Cotto, Don Baylor, Butch Wynegar, Pags batting .239) -- when confronted with a ped probe, stepped out of the box repeatedly, asked for an extra slather of pine tar on his bat, even walked back into the dugout to get a Mento, between pitches.

Joe West never whined. Nope. Nada.

Did he complain about the pace of last year's Oscars? Three hours 32 minutes. Part of me is still waiting for Sandra Bullock to shut her yap. I can see why she lost her man.

Did Joe West complain about the cleanup after Hurricane Katrina? Shame on him. People died.

But he complains about Yankee-Redsock games?

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