Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No We Don't !!!!

There is no need to be nice to Javy, despite the recent rants of Ketchup Schilling.

The fact is; Schilling is finally on our side. Seeing what we see. Knowing what we know. Seeing the truth through Yankee eyes. To wit:

That Javy cannot successfully pitch in the AL. That he needed the " free" out every time through a national league line-up to have any chance at winning.

That he is weak, useless and horrid. That he won't go beyond 6 innings all year. That he won't win another game until July. And if he wins any game, it will only happen if we score at least 10 runs in the first five innings. Even then, Aceves will have to bail him out.

We should cut this cord right now.

Trade him for anyone, or anything.

Javy Vasquez is a winning streak killer. And a big game disaster. He is an Ed Whitson without the burning driveway.

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