Monday, March 21, 2011

10 Reasons Why We Should Keep Freddy Garcia, (even though he's getting hammered)

1 He's only 34 and has many great years left.

2. Who cares? World coming to end soon anyway.

3. Don't want the Redsocks to get him.

4. AL East hitters not prepared for 84-mph fastball.

5. If gone, who does Bartolo compete with?

6. By mid-July, he'll be on a roll.

7. Can't bear thought of Kevin Millwood smirking at us.

8. Great recent success with reclamation projects (Javier Vazquez, Chan Ho Park, Chad Gaudin, et al.)

9. He was good 8 years ago.

10. With Mitre, Nova and Burnett starting, we'll need all the middle-inning relievers we can get. Say, can we go north with a 15-man staff?

1 comment:

Alibi Ike said...

When he has his big comeback, Jimmy Smits can play him in the movie.