Sunday, March 20, 2011

Marketing lines for MLB and Victoria's Secret merger

Bud Selig has done it again. According to an MLB news release:

By popular demand, Major League Baseball and Victoria's Secret PINK announced that the availability of co-branded VS Pink female clothing has expanded for this season. Stock has more than doubled from 11 to 23 clubs, with the addition of the D-backs, Orioles, Indians, Rockies, Tigers, Brewers, A's, Giants, Mariners, Rays, Rangers and Nationals. All 30 clubs will be represented in 2012.

Check out this awesome testimonial! It's fuggin' awesome!

"I think it is awesome that MLB is pairing up with Victoria's Secret for more of us," 21-year-old Dodgers fan Kathy Damato of Macedon, N.Y., said after ordering a VS Pink tee from the Shop. "I feel like VS Pink gives the women's MLB line a more youthful appearance and is definitely more my taste, and I'm sure it is more appealing to my age group."

Some Marketing Lines for the MLB-VS Merger

The Lawrence Peter "Yogi" Bra

The Teddy Ballgame

Chien-Ming Thong

The Homer Bush

Panty Petttitte

The "Poosh Em Up" Tony Lazzari Brassier

The Pube Waddell

The Butt Showalter


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