Friday, March 11, 2011

In Rochester, Judge Vicki is waiting to throw at Youkilis... the book, that is

In Cito Culver City, Judge Vickie Argento dispenses Yankee Justice.

The Monroe County gavel-banger explains the roots of her election campaign color-scheme.

“It’s my favorite color and I just felt like it was good luck,” she said, quick to point out that the writing on top of the yellow background of her supporters’ T-shirts isn’t just any navy blue, it’s Yankee blue.

She groks Yankee fullness. If you're a Yankee fan, go ahead: kill people. She'll let you go. (As long as the victim is not a Yankee fan. If so, you could be trouble. It might come down to whether your victim favored our hideous 2010 dumping of Johnny Damon. If they did, you might pay a fine. Frankly, though, the victim's family should rightfully pay you restitution for your suffering. Justice is not easy.)

Rochester is ours, thanks to Judge Vicki.

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