Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kevin Millwood: The Poem... Revisited

We have him.

There is one Yankee nearing manhood,
His name, my friends, is Kevin Millwood.
He'll not bring us poison pill-hood,
Or cause deep debt in dollar bill-hood.

In fact, we know he'll climb uphillhood,
As a Yankee... Kevin Millwood.
With those gems of old Brazilhood,
Colon, Freddie... all are still good.

He won't fall, like Jack and Jill would,
Spawn corrections, like George Will should.
Win 14? I think he still could!
Cashman has signed Kevin Millwood!


wild bill hickock said...

let's all hope he won't be deadwood

Woody Harrelson said...

or just smoke dope just like I would