Thursday, March 24, 2011

Timeline about Freddy Garcia's willingness to pitch for Yankees

Dec. 10: Garcia Says Would Consider Playing in NY

Jan 8: Garcia: "I'd pitch for Yanks if price is right"

Jan, 22: Garcia, Yankees, eye contract.

Feb. 22: Garcia Glad to Be a Yankee

March 13: Garcia Eyeing Fourth Slot in Yankee Rotation

March 19: Garcia Eyeing Fifth Slot in Yankee Rotation

March 24: Garcia Says Will Accept Bullpen Role

March 31: Garcia will take pitching, pinch runner role

April 4: Garcia Says Will Clean Lockers for Yankees

May 5: Unemployed Garcia Arrested for Stalking Yankees

June 3: Yankees seek Order of Protection against Garcia

July 4: Garcia holding 25 Yankees hostage in bomb threat

July 5: Freddy Garcia remembered as "committed Yankee"

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jorge said...

thats literally so fucking hilarious i laughed my boobs right off and im a guy!