Friday, March 18, 2011

Mostly Boring Night

I am in a user bar in Tampa and can't figure out how to get images on this post.

So my editors in Syracuse will have to dress this up for me.

Hughes was typical last night. Six innings, three Ks, one walk and a dinger.

Boone was also typical, he loaded the bases but got 3 of 4 lefty hitters out and escaped with the win and no runs allowed.

Can someone tell me who number 64 is on the Yanks? Some guy at the end of the bar just yelled, "Romulo Sanchez." I thought he was a wolf who founded Rome. He pitched horribly. Couldn't find the strike zone in the 8th. Looked like he has great "stuff"but no command whatsoever.

There are no papers in Tampa with the Yankee box score and I was too cheap to buy a roster sheet for $18.

Moving right along; number 82 ( a lefty ) pitched great. "Ayala," I hear from the guy falling off his barstool.

A-Rod went deep and made great defensive play at 3rd. Swish won the game with dinger right over our heads in RF stands. Grandy hit well and Jesus banged a 400 foot out to deepest centerfield. He also made a god-like catch of pop-up behind the plate near the screen and threw out a dude with perfect throw. I think he threw out a second guy later, but the ump missed the call.

One note of concern; Yanks got 3 hits last night off about 6 no names. Tampa used only potential relievers.

Leaving on road trip shortly for game vs. Toronto.

Lot's of overweight Americans at game last night, eating footlongs. Plenty of green hair on the ladies, especially the really old ones.

Phil Simms'school had biggest upset of the day yesterday in "March Madness."

One round of which, lucky for us, is right here in Tampa.

More rounds for us later.

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Joe De Pastry said...

Jorge Vazquez is batting .464 with 3 homers in 28 at-bats.
They will cut him on March 28, no matter what he does.
Why do they even bother keeping stats for these games?