Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Unconsciousness is 90 percent mental:" Yogi's quotes after the fall

For the record, if Yogi suffered an injury today, we wouldn't do this. He's OK, and we're thankful. We wish him the best. We wish him a smile. 

That said... some things Yogi might say...

1. Who can think and stand at the same time?

2. If you come to a fork in the floor, take it.

3. If you don't know you are falling, you're probably already there.

4. The floor there gets high pretty quickly.

5. It was "Hey! A shoe!" all over again.

6. Be careful where you fall, because that's where you'll probably land.

7. It ain't falling over 'till it's falling over.

9. A nickel aint worth going down anymore.

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