Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It is time to take nominations for March YANKEE EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH


Gustavo Molina: Rango.
Bartolo Colon: Mars Needs Moms.
Jesus Montero: Sucker Punch.
Curtis Granderson: The Green Hornet
Kevin Long: The Adjustment Bureau
Derek Jeter: Just Go With It
Ivan Nova: I Am Number Four
Kevin Millwood: Cedar Rapids


Zach said...

The only time I ever post on this blog is to take part in these festivities.

Ivan Nova: Limitless
Ramiro Pena: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Bartolo Colon: Beastly
Romulo Sanchez: Just Go With It
Chris Dickerson: Unknown
Pedro Feliciano: Sucker Punch
Gustavo Molina: The Dilemma
Mariano Rivera: Hall Pass
AJ Burnett: The Way Back

David Ballela said...

where's alph's nomination?

King Kei said...

AJ: Scream

Stang said...

I don't have a movie title to go with it, but you might want to include Alphonso for that stunt he pulled in the parking lot vs. the redsocks fan. Okay, movie title: Fever Pitch.

Stang said...

Jimmie Reese said it first, I see. Go Jimmie Reese!

Archangel Alph said...

I think we have to vote for Jesus.

We'll never see him at the stadium in a Yankee uniform.

We won't meet him on mount Arrafat.

We will miss him at Lourdes.

He won't appear in a dinner scene painting.

He'll be in Scranton, then in Oakland and, finally, in Boston.