Tuesday, March 15, 2011

History made: The '27 Redsocks assembled for the first time

Redsock Nation official scribner Dan Shaughnessy, etching words into stone tablets for future civilizations, noted the significance of last night's game:

It marked the first time Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez ever appeared on the same lineup card.

Gulp. There it is, folks. Where were you when Ruth met Gehrig. When Churchill met Roosevelt. When Harry met Sally. Where were you? It's that historically tectonic dividing line between one world and the next -- the instant that JFK was shot, or LT broke Joe Theisman's femur - yes, it's that generational touchstone by which we measure the meager events in our meaningless lives. And yet... it was more...
The Sox finished the spring 2-0 against the Bronx Bombers. They’ll play 18 times this season, starting three weeks from Friday in the 100th Fenway home opener. Then comes the ALCS.

And then the World Series! And then the Boston parade and subsequent shooting! Ultimately, the '27 Redsocks will be enshrined as History's Greatest Team into every conversation with a Redsock fan until 2027, when the asteroid mercifully ends our suffering. Until then, they'll think of this time every 20 seconds, the way a 14-year-old video gamer thinks of sex.
Where were you last night? I was drinking in a bar with SuperFrankenstein. On one TV, you could see the human devastation in Japan. The other showed ESPN, the mooing, fawning, bovine Redsock al Jezeera. Last night, Harry met Sally. Where were you?

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