Friday, March 11, 2011

Yankees happy, upbeat, everything-groovy camp manages 4 hits in one day

The good news: All 4 hits came off Roy Halladay, over six innings. Our hitters were Posada, Martin, Pena, and Gardner. Sabathia threw 5 scoreless innings. Jorge played first.

The bad news: Four hits. Jesus went 0-3 and is now batting .158. (Good news: he's only 24 points behind Cano.) Prior got hammered  Maybe there's no gas in the tank, afterall.

Middle news: It's early. Who cares if we lose 7-0 to Cliff Lee and the smirking, cheshire-cat-faced Phillies? Doesn't mean a thing. WHO CARES?

Reality: We care. Dammit. That's the trouble.

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