Sunday, March 13, 2011

"All you need to know about Manny Ramirez is that he once lost a $15,000 earring in Syracuse." And other musings by Brian Cubbison

He's written a sadly misguided book of "Random thoughts on the rebirth of the Cincinnati Reds."

It's called "Fandom."  Mucho cooldom.

Obviously, seeing that it's about the Reds, it's short.

Some of Brian Cubbison's musings:

Any team that finishes sixth should spend the next year in AAA.

Somewhere, Juan Marichal is saying, "That's not a fight."

The good news is that the bullpen qualified for a quality start.

The month you want to be player of is October.

"Charlie Hustle" was not a compliment at first.

New marketing slogan: "It's obvious our players aren't using steroids."

When we win, we talk about baseball. When we lose, we talk about money.

$13.98 - you can't go wrong.

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