Sunday, March 20, 2011

If I Could Only Load Photos from this Bar....

I want to shoot myself.

I just spent an hour writing up yesterday's game , edited it, and hit some f****** button that lost it all.

I haven't the energy to re-write the thing.

So here is my summary:

There were thousands of gross people at the game yesterday. All eating double orders of cheese fries and swigging gallon containers of soda. Some did it even with one arm in a sling.

America's breadbasket is safe. That Federal initiative to slim us down is dead aborning, as they say.

Garcia won and then lost his starting role in his 6 innings. If Nunez could have made one more great catch ( I think the sun got him ), Garcia would have escaped the 4th inning ( 3 runs ). But he didn't.

Freddy had a decent bounce-back in the 5th and was cruising until he got taken deep in the 6th. So now, I see him, Colon and AJ still fighting for a spot.

I hate AJ and think he will kill us again this year. That's why I hope he gets cut.

Nunez is a nice player who will make the team as back-up utility guy. He is hitting .317 and knocked in game tying run yesterday with a base hit. And he did make a great catch in LF yesterday, filling in for Brett Gardiner. A huge upgrade from Pena whose artistry with his glove is legend, but who cannot hit.

Chavez is hitting .375 and looks rejuvinated. Andruw Jones looks sluggish, and he isn't hitting his weight. He and Belliard could have a belly shaking contest.

MO was amazing again. I still don't understand the two hitters who never took their bats off their shoulders while facing him. MO always throws strikes. For what are the batters waiting? They both went down looking.

Ryan Pope has returned, but has a long ways to go until we can again consider him a "future closer hope."

All the young guys ( Including Montero ) are not hitting. Pena, Melky, Maxwell, Romine, Russo, the latest Molina etc. No one is up to .200

Vasquez, at .467, is the exception and he is probaly not young. He disappointed me yesterday with a bad looking at bat and K. So did Jesus.

I kept hoping to see our ambidexterous pitcher but he doesn't seem to be here.

I imitated him at the bar last night with a manhattan in each hand.

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el duque said...

At last, we're getting the truth.

Thank you, honesty warrior.