Friday, March 11, 2011

Kei Igawa is going home

Well, we sure could write a lot of nasty things here -- how the earth did what the Redsocks couldn't, how Scranton just lost its best... ahhhhh, no, no, no.

May this -- from the Yes website -- remind us of the fragile nature of every Yankee and Yankee fan.

 Kei Igawa is a native of Oarai, a town devastated by the 8.9 magnitude earthquake, and received permission to go home to tend to his loved ones. General manager Brian Cashman told reporters that Igawa, in the final season of a five-year contract with the organization, understandably could not focus during workouts.

We hope Igawa's family and friends are safe, and that he returns when he's ready. It's been a tough ride for Igawa as a Yankee. But nothing will challenge him more that what likely awaits at home.

PS: On a secondary note, it's a good thing he wasn't elected February Yankee Employee of the Month -- as some of you would have liked to see -- because then we really would have to ponder The Curse.

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