Friday, March 18, 2011

Keeping hope alive: Yanks still sniffing Millwood

If you've ever read this blog, you know how all of us at IIH feel about Kevin Millwood:

2011 American League Cy Young

Seriously. (In a symbolic, rather than literal interpretation. You know, it never ceases to amaze me how some bloggers and sportswriters can't wrap their Liliputian skullcaps around the symbolic fact that, throughout human history, symbolism plays a larger role than fact. So when I raise the Millwood flag, I don't feel it relevant to make a stink about the guy's 4-15 record last year. He threw 190 innings for a team going nowhere. Ponder that for a moment: 190 scrap yard innings for a team far south of the Marlins-Mariners line. Would Cliff Lee throw 190? Would CC? No, they would pull a gonad and go home. One hundred ninety also-ran innings. That's an achi evement.)

So sign the bum. He's smart. He's a survivor. You who say Millwood is burnt toast -- you're drinking the Rev. Jim Jones party punch if you think Bartolo Colon will hit June throwing 90. Freddy Garcia, bless his heart, is looking his age. Ivan Nova will be erratic, and Sergio Mitre -- come on, what's he done for us except impress Girardi with his rehab? Our prospects need the nightlife ofTrenton and Scranton until July 1... and if we're 10 games out -- they'll be traded by then for some horror show named Zambrono or Liriano. Millwood costs money. Nothing more. And we aren't even investing $200 million on this team.

Sign Kevin Millwood, and we will win the American League East. Symbolically, if not literally.

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Alph said...

Nova will win the Cy Young.