Monday, March 21, 2011

Which One Of These May Be The False Messiah?

Or heaven forbid is it both? Joel Sherman reports on the catching progress of the guy on the right.
I asked four scouts independently about Montero's defense the past few days, and none was enthused about his chances to stay a catcher long term.One scout went this far: "No matter how many different ways you ask, I don't see a catcher. Just because you have shin guards and a mask, that doesn't make you a catcher."The Yanks disagree, of course. Joe Girardi called Montero "a work in process," and said he still thinks "he can be an above-average catcher."Nevertheless, even the Yanks have seen regression in this camp, with one team official saying Montero's defense had been poor about the last 10 days. One theory is that Montero, 21, has tensed up as he has gone from trying to win the backup job to attempting not to lose it. He went from pursuing the position to the clear favorite when Francisco Cervelli broke his foot."I do think it is possible that he wants it so bad that maybe he is trying not to mess up now," Girardi said.
As for the guy on the left. I had my long anticipated first experience with Crown Royal Black down in North Liberty Heights' Philly this weekend. When I ordered a double the waiter's eyes lit up in silent recognition of , "Behold, here goes a real man."  My wife thought I'd be incapable of making the drive back to homeland Brooklyn. I went about my business finishing them off with a repressed grimace and with the realization that I'm nothing more than a double a egg cream farmhand.

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