Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Life of Brian

Will Leitch -- the founder of Deadspin and the Buzz Bissinger/Billy Madden of New York Magazine -- writes of the fear and loathing, and sickness unto death, of the organizational ladder-climber who runs the Yankees. If Gay Talese were the author, this would be titled, "Brian Cashman Has a Cold."

Leitch covers the well-trodden road of newsprint about how Cashman's contract is running out, he was sucked into a winter dust-up with Jeter, and how Cashman never wanted to sign Rafael Soriano... but he cannot get his arms around the Yankee situation.

The Yankees have always been a dysfunctional franchise, even when they were winning championships. There have always been disputes within the ranks, disputes usually settled by the heel of George Steinbrenner’s boot. It’s a little different now. This is not a major rift. This is not a systematic undermining. This is not a longtime employee snapping and going rogue. This is just ... the way the Yankees are now.

He's right, sort of.

The next five months will decide the legacy of Brian Cashman.

He can package the kids, get a veteran, make the playoffs, maybe win it and look good for the walk year of his contract.

Or he can stay the course, ride the wave of youth, maybe not reach the playoffs -- and build a future dynasty.
Trouble is, if he chooses the latter, he might not be around to see it.

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