Monday, March 14, 2011

Here it comes, the whispering into Cashman's ears... "Be a trader..."

Please, God, don't let it happen.

One bad spring outing by Freddie Garcia, the guy nobody expects to last into July anyway, and suddenly, we're back to Ground Zero.

Rosenthal would have us trade Jesus Montero, Manny Bannuelos (or Betances... or maybe both), Ivan Nova, Eduardo Nunez and somebody else... for Felix Hernandez.

He says it "works for everyone."

By "everyone," he means:
Everyone who wants to loves the big money Yankees put in their place.

Everyone who fears a new generation of homegrown Yankees.

Everyone who wants to see our payroll soar over the moon.

Everyone who'd like to absorb King Felix - true enough, a fine young pitcher, but one who has subjected
his arm to the kind of workload we have gone to great pains not to inflict on our prospects.

Heyman says the Mariners particularly should take:

"Left-hander Manny Banuelos or right-hander Dellin Betances, either of whom eventually could replace Hernandez as the Mariners’ ace."

He's right. Either might be the next King Felix. Seattle would absolutely kill us on the deal. It's Jay Buhner times two, or maybe three.

Mr. Cashman... Stay the course. No five-for-one trades. Believe in our system. This trade will be catastrophic. We will be returning to the early 1980s, with aging stars and overpriced names. We must not make this kind of deal.

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Ben Dover said...

Jack Zduriencik can suck dick.
He screwed us before on cliff lee.
He also screwed himself. If I remember that little twirp Ken Rosenthal was pimping for him then as well.