Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's late March, and we're falling apart

Anybody getting the sense it'll be a long year? Consider this domino drop from the Fates:

Three days ago, Sergio Mitre is odd man out. Hate to lose him. In past years, we'd have somebody juke a gonad, so we could hold onto him. Not this year. OK. So be it.

Cashman suddenly has a hole to fill. Curtis Granderson, having a great spring, has pulled a tit. Might miss the opener. Cash sends out mass email to GMs titled "Make her scream with new Yankee product."

Milwaukee bites. They take Mitre for an OF named Chris Dickerson, who can fill in for Grandy. 

So what happens? Yesterday, Pedro Feliciano -- never on the DL in his career -- tweaks a corpuscle. We have no lefty to replace him. Gotta go with RHers. Like Mitre, if he was still around.

Well, you say: At least we have Dickerson. Nope. We don't. He pulls out of yesterday's game with cramps.

I am fearing a core reactor breach in our juju gods containment area. In other words, this is bad.

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