Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gustavo Molina: The Poem

He’s got the speed, he’s in condition,
And when he catches, we shout “Bravo!”
He’s got the name for his position.
The last Molina… yes, “Gustavo!”

He cannot run. (They never do.)
He’d lose a race to Terri Schiavo.
But his name’s of that famous crew,
The last Molina… yes, “Gustavo!”

Frames the strike zone, straight and narrow
Swings the bat? Well, not quite boffo…
Still, he’s better than Montero!
The last Molina… who? “Gustavo!”

1 comment:

Pontious Alph said...

Better to have a .200 hitter who can catch than some phony, over-hyped religious nut.

I told you a year ago that Jesus was a fraud.