Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First Game From Tampa Tomorrow Night

I'm leaving tomorrow at 11:45am for Tampa.

I'll be covering that night's game. Likely the next morning, because there are post game parties to be enjoyed. If I don't "work those rooms," so to speak, I don't get certain Yankee privileges any longer.

My friends all told me to get out of New York before Saint Patrick's Day. I wonder what there concern might be?

So I leave on Saint Patrick's Day assuming that some sort of green beverage will be provided, once airborne.

I don't know who we are playing and I really don't care. I only watch the one team. Ours.

When the other team is up, so am I. At the bar.

So my insights and predictions for the season, which are born in Tampa, are off-times tainted with a nudge of fatigue mixed with an inability to focus early in the morning.

Due to alcohol or french fries induced hangovers.

On to Tampa it is, then.


el duque said...

Onward and Godspeed, nobel warrior.

Anonymous said...

We all need heroes at a time like this.

David Ballela said...

carry the banner along with some advil

Professor Twain said...

You're playing the Rays.

Enjoy your trip and spend lots of money while you are here.

Joe De Pastry said...

They've changed the namne to St. Getdrunk Day