Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some Early Predictions

1. AJ Burnett will be as lousy this year as he was last year.

2. Andruw Jones will bomb out totally if he has to start games. Otherwise, he'll hit about .218 with little power.

3. Brett Gardiner will not bunt nearly as often as he should. He did not work on bunting this spring, unless it was in secret.

4. Tex will not have a hot March/April.

5. Colon will make the team. Then, he will suck.

6. Cashman is going to trade someone, or a group of someones, the Yanks ( and all Yankee fans ) will regret trading.

7. This Soriano dude will turn out to be a " head case." While talented, it worries me that he refused to pitch to division rivals during spring training. Didn't they all face him last year? Is this a county championship race at the high school level?

8. Mitre has never been reliable and won't be this year, either.

More later.


Joe De Pastry said...

I think you are right about everything except Andruw. If he bats sixth when he starts against lefties he will drive in a lot of runs. He'll win some games for us with three-run homers.

Joe De Pastry said...

Mitre, fortunately, is not our problem anymore.
We just got some Dick Krisstofferson dude for him.