Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A Picture You Might Not Have Come Across

I belong to a few train-related Internet groups, including ones involved with metro NYC.  The picture below appeared from one of this morning's feeds:

The photo shows Lou Gehrig and his wife Eleanor boarding a train in Penn Station NYC on March 18, 1937 for a trip down to spring training.  Apparently, Gehrig was leaving late for spring training that year because of contract issues.

Be sure to click on the picture to zoom in and get the full effect.  It's a great "moment in time" shot.


JM said...

Great photo. Nice hat, Lou.

First, Holder gets sent down, and now....

Yankees cut Morales, recall Tarpley from minors

Ceeja said...

The Yanks got their money's worth. Hit .351 in 1937 and led the league with an OPS over 1.100. Ruthian numbers.

Local Bargain Jerk said...


Exactly. I had forgotten until I went to look up his wife's first name and continued reading that he held the record for most grand slams for many years ... until ARod broke it.

I also learned that he pitched in college and struck out 17 in one game. Amazing stuff.

TheWinWarblist said...

He also hit some amazingly long home runs as a 17 year-old. That's what got him signed.

So the Jays start an old journeyman lefty tonight? Against this Yankee lineup? [Blink blink] Is that to lull the Yanks into a false sense of dominance?? Fangraphs had the Yanks with a WE of 77.1% before the game even started. Is Richard all the Jays have to run out there?

Fuck you Hal not matter how bad the Jays' starting pitching.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Yup. Famous one in a high-school all-star game (I think it was NYC vs. Chicago) in Wrigley Field, and then when he was an engineering student at Columbia (field was on the main campus in those days; he hit a ball from roughly just in front of John Jay Hall, close to 114th St., to the steps of Low Library, over 116th St.).

Always overshadowed by Ruth. As mentioned, Gehrig was a pretty fair pitcher, too, but nobody gave him a shot at it in the pros. Tremendously powerful. As a kid, he used to regularly swim the Hudson, near where the GW would be later. And swim back.

Odd guy, too. The wife there was a baseball Annie; he was probably a virgin before they got together. Very smart—did well at Columbia and loved opera, but also childish—liked to go play sandlot ball with kids after coming home from a game, and loved Ferris wheels. Always enigmatic. Good Ray Robinson bio of him, very good Jonathan Eig bio.

HoraceClarke66 said...

And yeah, how much class there was in them thar days!

I know, I know! Many things wrong then, too. Note the black Pullman porter, whom they probably called "George."

Yet I think, somehow, we could've had civil rights, and women's rights, and everything else, and still not thrown away dressing like an adult and (what used to be) the world's best train system.

Just a thought!

13bit said...

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Anonymous said...



TheWinWarblist said...

What the unholy Ju-Ju disjunction is going on with Chapman?

JM said...

Can we get a closer who shuts down the other team? Crazy idea.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Hey, we got through it. Just wish we had better starters.

And yeah, she was good looking. No Teresa Wright, with her combination of sexy-and-girl-next-door, in my opinion, but she was cute enough. She may also have set off the Ruth-Gehrig feud.

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