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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Two Down, One More to Go

So, the second longest, 9-inning, regular-season game in major-league history—by all of 3 minutes—came to the end with a Yankees win.

Well, hooray for that.  But really.

Ma Boone was on TV right afterwards talking about how much he respects this amazing event.

I don't.  I don't respect it in the least.  To send 16 pitchers out there, almost none of them effective...Oy.

Okay, so the highlights:

—One game, two players hurt.  Voit and Bogaerts, both with leg injuries.  That will probably hurt them more than it hurts us but still...what bullshit.  Might be another opportunity for Ford and McBroom.

But don't forget: there's another game still to play.  If we get out of this alive, we'll be doing well.

—16 pitchers used.  Almost none of them effective.

—Bogus stat of the day:  Cortes gets a "hold" for 5 earned runs in 3 innings.

—Both teams had ads on their uniforms, helmets, and bats.  This is the real reason for going to London: so "MLB" can test out its most awful, greed head, moneygrubbing ideas.

—The Red Sox lost.  Always feels good, no matter where, no matter when, no matter how.


ranger_lp said...

@Hoss...yes the adverts on uniforms and helmets...it's coming sooner than later. I'm surprised there were no adverts painted on the field...that's comes after uniforms and helmets.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Remember spider-man on the bases? I think it was the all-star game.

My all-time favorite Andy Messeschmidt's Channel 17. Actually, I think that's the ONLY time I was ok with advertising on the uniforms. It was tweaking Ol' Bowie. Otherwise I can't stand Ted Turner.

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