Wednesday, June 26, 2019

I Want to Play Poker with Aaron Boone

Boone at his postgame press conference today, talking about Paxton.

Adjusts hat, touches neck, pulls at nose.

"I really do think he's going to take off.  And as long as he remains healthy, he's going to pitch well."

Moves head to one side, touches ear, looks sideways.  Adjusts jersey.

Reporter: "You did mention the lack of authority on Paxton's fastball today.  And his health.  Are you sure maybe his knee wasn't bothering him a little bit?"

Touches fingers to lips, looks down.

"Yeah.  I mean, I haven't checked with him after the game.  But I feel good about where he is from a health standpoint."

Okay then.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, count me in on that poker game, fer'shure. The Yes-men were crowing about Big Maple keeping the ball in the park really well, and BANG! BOOM! Ma Boone gonna' do what Ma Boone gonna' do, dontcha' know.

Guys (and maybe gals), I hope you really enjoy your August 12th adventure; I'm sorry to say that I can't join you - - first off, that is my wedding anniversary, and we have already had to turn down one other invitation, because we have plans; second, it would be a 1,000 mile trip, one way - - and at my age, that would be two - - or three days drive - - each way (I do know the way well, used to drive it regularly) - - so I would probably need to fly in for the occasion. I would love to meet each & every one of you, even though I drink almost no alcohol (did enough of that before I was 21), but the Diet Cokes, and rat-laced garlic fries sound enticing - - and I would love to hear all those stories several of you have alluded to...but, maybe next year, if you repeat it.

Now, please, somebody tie up Cash-Puss until after the trade deadline - - pretty please. I'll happily donate toward your bail, I promise. LB (No J)

HoraceClarke66 said...

You will be missed. Happy anniversary. And yes, it will be good to have someone on the outside. Look for pigeons with messages tied to their legs.

ranger_lp said...

Boone has more tells than peanuts in a bag...

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