Tuesday, June 25, 2019

This Just In: Stanton Out

MRI for knee contusion.

Let's hope he's okay.  But if Coops trades the Red Menace at this point he's nuts.


JM said...

He bumped his knee. Owww!!

We're 6 games up, baby. 6!!!

TheWinWarblist said...

That slide was a parody of athleticism. And then it was announced over the Stadium PA that Stanton was going for an MRI that night. Since when do the Yanks give injury status updates? Like ever? And this was during the game a few innings after he was injured. Peculiar times, peculiar times.

Fuck you Hal.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Weird indeed, Warbler. Was that done to reassure us? To keep us from thinking he was a wimp?

I dunno.

Hope he's okay. But again—the guy is a Ferrari. An amazing piece of machinery that just can't stay on the road.

Anonymous said...

Stanton out for at least ten days. They promote Tauchman instead of Frazier. Thoughts, anyone?

Publius said...

Makes sense to promote Tauchman. He's there for late D. Doesn't need ABs. But, all things considered, another kick to Frazier's nuts. "Cheerio, Clint. Have fun in Scranton! We'll bring you back a Big Ben refrigerator magnet and a Chelsea soccer jersey!"

Der Kaiser said...

Promoting Tauchman instead of Frazier is yet another of the typical, idiotic, unforced errors this franchise commits. It raises an immediate suspicion that Cashman doesn't want to give Frazier any more major league opportunities so as to avoid any risk that he could damage his trade value. And of course, most other GMs not being morons, they will not be fooled for an instant. Still, it struck me that it would have been typical of Frazier's luck for him to be called up again and then suffer a horrid injury in London. Let's hope the Juju knows what it's doing.