Monday, June 17, 2019

Cashman Goes All In

Interesting stat from tonight's telecast:  the Yankees now have four of the five guys with the top home-run rates in MLB since 2012.

They are, in this order:


The only one we don't have is No. 1, Joey Gallo, who, as we all know, was blown down one day in a clam bar in New York.  (He could see it comin' through the door as he lifted up his fork.  He pushed the table over to protect his family, then he staggered out into the streets of Little Italy.  Joey, Joey: why did they have to go and blow you away?)

This should make for an interesting test of the straight power game.


Rufus T. Firefly said...

We need a new poll.

How many games will have all four of them in the lineup?

91 games left.

I put the over/under at 45.

Publius said...

Just a couple pennants since 2001
but he sure thought he was great
86 win seasons and wild card games
but CC did lose a little weight
He kept trying to find a way
back to the dynasty he left behind
To Hal he said, I have a plan, and it's gonna work out fine

Cashman, Cashman, patron of sluggers
Catholic U's pride
Cashman, Cashman, what made them want to fire your ass?

HoraceClarke66 said...

Sing it, Publius, sing it! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

If we only had a pitching staff.

And if Cashman only had a brain.

HoraceClarke66 said...

An ominous note: Boston shut out the Twins tonight.

Their starting staff seems to be rounding into shape, their big boppers are back to bopping, and they have, once again, somehow constructed a successful bullpen out of horse hair and discarded carburetors.

Not good!

JM said...

Socks don't suck. They'll be in this to the wire.

The Professor tossed a complete game shutout? I went to bed early. Long day. But that's great.

I think all 4 Horsemen of the A-pop-alyse will go over Rufus' 45 bar. Of course, Stanton and/or Judge may go on the IL...

HoraceClarke66 said...

I dunno about that 45. It only takes one injury to undo it—and of course, they have yet to play a game together. I think I will go with the under.

KD said...

The post season (if we make it) will pass judgement on the Wunderkind stat freaks running the current Yankees organization. If the Yanks “power” past the opposition on their way to a title, I will give props to the pimple faced laboring far underneath YSIII. If, as I suspect, our sluggers are overmatched by a dynamic pitching staff and bow out early, maybe that will be the wake up call Hal and Coop desperately need.

Trying to be an optimist this morning.

KD said...

P.S. I’m excited for you guys meeting up at a game. Doesn’t work for me unfortunately. Living in VA now and trying to settle in. Just found out there are brook trout in the mountains within 45 minutes of the farm.

Puckered, don’t forget my offer for a little skeet shooting. Still valid. That goes for all you IIH minions!

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