Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The Yankees are facing brutally incompetent umpiring

This horrible injustice happened last night. 

On the very next pitch, Masahiro Tanaka gave up a 2-run HR. 

If you're a pitcher, how do you square a call like that? A perfect pitch, right down the middle, and the umpire calls it a ball. 

It's time for the automated strike zone. 


Carl J. Weitz said...

Duque....Just a few days ago I was thinking about how bad the home plate umpiring has been this year. Angel Hernandez is the worst umpire I've seen in the the last 20 years. But MLB won't get rid of him now during his discrimination law suit against them. They try to not use him during playoffs and WS because, well, it's obvious. So he sued them 2 years ago.

But Angel is far from alone in being a bad umpire.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I am all for it. I don't know if it's the speed of the pitching today, or what. But these guys can't catch up with the pitches.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Another abysmal call just now to retire the Red Menace. Who didn't do himself any favors by swinging at a ball that nearly hit him.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Oh, Lawdy, Lawdy, Surrenderer is in a close game. Why? WHEYEY?

And a terrible pick blown by Voit...this promises to get ugly.

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