Thursday, June 27, 2019

At How Many $100,000 per At Bat?

The infamous Giancarlo Stanton, 2017 MVP of the National League, and one of Brian Cashman's "steals" ( to the tune of what, $165 million ?), will now be out until mid to late August.

In effect, he is out for the season. 

We would be better off.  My fear is that he returns in time to lose the play-offs for us, with his uncanny command of hitting into double plays and striking out at key moments.

And this total waste of money will stare at us from the bench, where his loyalty will be on display as his waist-line slowly expands.  I prefer not to see his face.  Every shot of him sitting there with bulging eyes is a proud reminder of what a mistake he was for this franchise.

It is like forcing fans to put his portrait over the fireplace in our homes.

Can't we send him to Omaha until he is fully recovered?

Oddly, this means nothing for Frazier.  I am starting not to be so bothered by this, because I don't think he can become a fine fielding outfielder.

If possible, he has "fielding yips" which causes a panic to set in and ruin his ability to zero in on the baseball....he cannot accurately calculate speed, angle, distance and height.

So lets bring up Estrada and let him play.  I know he is not a natural outfielder, but he looked comfortable and is a great infielder.  Those skills do translate.


13bit said...

I spent years - and grew increasingly gray - waiting for the albatross known as "A-Rod's Contract" to slowly wind down. We stepped right into another one with Stanton. And I have the same fear - he'll come back, heralded as "a shot in the arm" by all, just in time to fuck us during the playoffs.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Alphonso, you have one small but significant thing wrong here.

Giancarlo's belly will NOT expand. Because he will no doubt STILL be spending plenty of time in the weight room, doing one thing or another while he is rehabbing.

Is weightlifting a sport? A lot of people seem to think it is. It's in the Olympics. People spend all kinds of time and effort on it.

SO WHY THE HELL IS STANTON DOING IT??? He already has a sport: it's called BASEBALL!!!

Obviously, there are some sporting activities, such as running—and yes, moderate weightlifting—that you do to improve your fitness while professionally engaged in something else. You DON'T do it to the point where you constantly hurt yourself.

Truly, if Stanton played football I don't think he would hurt himself as much as he does thanks to his exquisitely toned body—all ready to pop.

Back in the day—way, way back in the day—the Yankees banned Babe Ruth from doing any working out, even golfing, in the off-season, because they were worried about him hurting himself.

This was foolish, as the Babe's legs atrophied and his gut grew. BUT, he still played until he was almost 40, and a lot more frequently than Giancarlo ever did!

(Keep in mind, the Yanks played endless exhibitions to take advantages of Ruth's drawing power, in-season and out. During those games, he was often expected to pitch, play the outfield, play with the local band, pose in funny hats with the locals, and let himself be tackled by about a thousand kids. One such appearance probably would have killed Giancarlo.)

Anonymous said...

Frazier is already a "fine-fielding" outfielder. He has a cannon for an arm, great range because of his speed, and has gotten over the yips that caused his error spree last month. Estrada is nothing--a spare part.

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