Saturday, June 8, 2019

The Yankees must discipline minor leaguer Matt Lipka

This week, the Yankee organization was disgraced by the sickening act of Double A outfielder Matt Lipka, who laid down a bunt in the ninth inning to break up a no-hitter. 

The mere notion disgusts us: A player... (hold your nose)... bunted to get on base.

WTF? Who's running the farm system? This is an outrage! It besmirches every .210 batter who hits directly into their over-shifts - good sportsmen, they are - who refuse the instant gratification of slapping an easy hit to the open field. What is the world coming to? Are we hearkening back to the dark period, when getting on base in close games takes precedent over the long ball?

This must not stand.

If Lipka's dreadful act goes unavenged, what's next? Would Yankee players stop swinging away and actually try to outsmart the over-shifts? Dear God. This craven act must be dealt with.  


HoraceClarke66 said...

Good call, Duque.

First you're bunting to win. Next thing you know, you're hitting to the opposite field to win, stealing bases, fouling off close pitches with two strikes on you...

Where will the insanity end???

HoraceClarke66 said...

Meanwhile, I noticed that Kendrys "Babe" Morales was being paid $12 mill by the A's to start this season.

Anyone know if the Yanks picked that up, or some part of it, after the trade?

If so, that's most or all of the salary we would have paid Keuchel. Huh.

Of course, money is money, the Hal defenders on the internet are saying, and it doesn't matter how much the Steinbrenners have or don't have, things like pitchers or other free agents have an absolute value that can easily be calculated.

They must be right, because everyone knows that, say, $12 million today has the exact same value that it did in, say, 1969. Value has absolutely nothing to do with how large the money supply is—or how much money an individual has. (No, no, we're not looking at you, Hal.)

By the same token, spending money has the exact same results, no matter what you spend it on. Take $12 million and secure a world championship—exact same thing as taking $12 million and throwing it in the Harlem River.

Or taking $12 million and giving it to Kendrys Morales. Sort of the same thing. Except that the Harlem River leaves many fewer men on base.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Think he'd be interested in the hitting coach job?

Rufus T. Firefly said...

...Lipka, not KenMor.

JM said...

Lipka goes round-tripka!

Oh, wait. He bunts, not homers

ranger_lp said...

I'd like to see the Yanks entire batting order, during one important game, lay bunts on every pitch. That would guarantee one run.

Anonymous said...

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