Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Soon Enough We Shall Watch In Misery

All the sports writers hail the return of Stanton.

Some fans think, " he is a great ballplayer."

I am in the opposite camp and always have been.

Stanton will cause the downfall of this team.  Watch it slide from here on, rather than battle and climb.

He is a rally killing, strikeout machine.  He covers about 30% of the territory that Gardy and/or Maybin can cover in left field.  Outs become doubles when he plays.

His glove is made of mica.

He has no speed.

When 'red hot,' he hits into double plays.  When the second out is recorded at first base, Stanton will still be 80 feet from the base.  And he will be hustling.

Worse than that, he is causing us to lose Maybin and, likely, Frazier.  Maybe more. Due to Stanton, the needless acquisition of Encarnacion, and soon Judge ( whom I do not regret ),  Urshela is also now on the "disappearing track ."

I loved watching Maybin play. And the team loves his character and attitude.

 Who loves the stoic Stanton whom everyone looks at with only " cash register" eyes?

 I loathe watching Stanton. I am not in awe of a 500 foot moon shot when we are ahead by 8 runs. I remember, rather, his strikeouts when we have the tying run on third, and winning run on  second.    And lose the game as a result.  He does not help us win games.  He helps us lose them.  That is not my definition of a great player.

Rather than a returning hero, arriving just in time to save the day, we welcome home a disease who will weaken every man jack of us.

He will cause me to not give a shit.


Rufus T. Firefly said...

" He does not help us win games. He helps us lose them. That is not my definition of a great player."

Are you saying he's not clutch?

JM said...

He's no Clutch Cargo. As is my wont, I agree with Alphonso. Imo, Stanton is a prime example of the post-steroid, post-HGH era, where clever chemists have decided substances undetectable by testing (if MLB truly even bothers at the major league level now that the "cheater" hysteria has died down) and guys like JohnCarlo have taken it to the limit in order to snag an absurd contract. The owners, yet again, are in it up to their necks with big money payouts and tacit blessings.

The EL and decreased performance a la Giambi are the logical result.

And we're stuck with the shnook.

JM said...

Chemists have developed. Fucking auto-shit...

Yankee Daddy Roger said...


Drop a T, re-arrange the other t, pretend the "O" is an "A, and you are referencing, as per the SNL Dana Carvey, "THE RETURN OF SATAN"-- ALL HAIL THE RETURN OF SATAN"

You are not fooling anyone, Alphonso, you Black Mass Satanist Cabalist.

His number should be "666"

JM said...

Roger, that sounds like a Will Shortz puzzle on Weekend Edition.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

Let's hope he's got Ellsbury disease.

Anonymous said...

Stanton was an eight-win ballplayer in 2017, but that figure fell to four wins in 2018, when he put up a good but unremarkable .852 OPS--barely any better than Frazier's .843 this year. I agree that there is something weirdly STATIC about his presence on the team; he's like a lumbering monster who will roar impressively from time to time but overall casts an ominous shadow over the team and its play. He stands alone as a monument of hype and greed, apart from his teammates--an energy suck. I never like to see him out there. I regard him as an excrescence, an alien life force, someone you somehow want to root against even when he's on your team.

Meanwhile, Judge is a combined 1-for-14 in his minor-league rehab stint so far (0 for 8 at SWB), with no homeruns. Yes, it's a small sample, yet there's something suspect about it. Would anyone here be simply SHOCKED to hear whispers that his injury is barking again, that he's not really able to generate full torque on his swing, that he may have to be shut down until 2020?

Randy Levine swallows another bottle of Tums. . . .

Anonymous said...

This is not the post-HGH era. HGH has always been hard to detect and is no doubt still rife in all pro sports.


HoraceClarke66 said...

Oh, I doubt if Randy or Cashie or any of the rest in the crack Yankees front office are swallowing anything but champagne these days. Profits are up, I'm sure, which means all is right with the world.

JM said...

HGH can be visible, though. You know, like Bond's head.

Austria's Only Baseball Fan said...

I fear this heralds the beginning of a downturn in the Yankees' overall performance and standings, and will only get worse as others return from their stays in the Emergency Room, and the young men who have accidentally created a miracle since April are sent to Scranton.

(Is Scranton really an awful place? Isn't your next president from there?)

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