Saturday, June 8, 2019

The Cavalry Stayed Home

This team has played, for most of the year, like a besieged brigade of troopers defending a fort under constant attack.

They have survived and thrived, due to effort and a mind-set that said," help is on the way."  We just need to hold out, day by day because our courrier got through and HQ knows we need help.

Water is low.  Ammo is low.  Food is an afterthought.  Just carry on and help will arrive.  At times, troopers at the gate thought they could hear distant bugles in the wind.

Just keep fighting.  Battle on empty.  Help is neigh.

Then word arrived;   "There will be no Cavalry.  You are on your own."

  Dallas Keutchel, at $13 million, is considered far too costly by General Steinbrenner, and and the Pentagon needs new tennis courts.  It was an obvious trade-off.

The troops are deflated.

But the world doesn't stop.  The siege continues relentlessly.  The enemy smells weakness.  Attacks mount in severity and intensity. The troops tire and falter.

The team has lost its confidence and psychic energy.

I can hear taps playing in the wind.


HoraceClarke66 said...

And of course this happens when we're playing the Indians...

JM said...

CC has has his faults in this retirement year, but he does not lose his psychic energy. They say he's a clubhouse leader. Hope so.

General LeMahieu also does not give up. Ever. They say the kids study his BPs and learn. Hope so.

Didi is said to be the heart and soul and lifeforce of the team. He's back and could be a leader. Hope so.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

This is the Dawning of the Age of Gregorious,,,, I hadn't heard that one before from The Master, LOL, love it!

JM said...

That's a good one for Didi. Nice work, Master.

On another note...



Ok, back to the gaem.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

I second JM's comment above. Why is this guy still on the team?

Alphonso said...

Morales must have pictures.

Anonymous said...

It's clear that Sabathia cannot be allowed to face a batting order the third time around--ever. That means his starts require an opener. Maybe Tanaka's as well, with his famously shredded elbow and progressively declining stuff. If an opener goes only one inning or two, it should be easy enough to apportion the workload of the staff to accommodate openers for those two pitchers. Let Green and Chance Adams be the designated openers. But giving free rein to Sabathia as a starter is as suicidal as starting Morales every fucking day in the DH spot. At some point it might register with Boone and Cashman that a gold watch for margquee veterans who can no longer play would be a more fitting form of tribute than regularly trotting them out to the field and thus costing the team game after game.

Ergo: Release Morales now. Bring up Tauchman until Stanton returns. Use an opener for Sabathia. If Sabathia feels dissed by this, tough shit. The team's success is more important than his bloated ego.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Give Morales this year's Chase Headley Award for outstanding team sabotage by a compulsive veteran Cashman acquisition. And then move on. What is this about? Cashman's ego? Boone's lack of guts and brains? What depth of human perversity could possibly account for his presence on the field EVERY FUCKING DAY?

Retired Stratman said...

I’m not exactly sure what a pee tape is, but I’m pretty sure that Morales has one.

Platoni said...

He got it from Chris Carter or Stephen Drew or, perhaps, Todd Frazer

Unknown said...

Nah Sabathia just needs to be limited to 5 IP unless theirs a big league he starts to lose it in the 6th if you follow his stat lines he's usually solid or great for 5 IP then it goes downhill. An opener doesn't really change much other than remove the possibility of going down early by using a shut down reliever against the top of their order. However, you're suggesting green is that shut down reliever and green has been anything but that this year. You'd be better off rolling the dice with CC for 5ip and if all goes well you turn it over to Kanhle Britton Ottavino and Chapman for the rest of the game. That is the plan after all

HoraceClarke66 said...


So here is our starting rotation then:

CC—5 innings. Maybe.

German—4 innings, these days, if we're lucky.

Paxton—4 innings, until the next trip to the DL.

Happ—maybe even 6-7 inning, although pounded all along the way.

Tanaka—usually a good 6 innings, but that's it.

Yeah, that should get us through. If the season ends in July.

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