Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Bloodiest Sock has had a "frustrating week"

It's gotta be tough when your personal hero has a 29 percent approval rating, a gallon of gas is the price of a Sam Adams, and your shoulder feels as leaden as the dialogue in the soaps you've watched for the last nine months.

Let's hope Old Ketchup Sock, Curtis Montague Schilling, (pictured above, yesterday, outside the Wal-Mart Wedding Barn in Sacramento) can put the soreness behind him and shinny his dorsal cheeks through the clubhouse door for at least one more victory waddle before the Gammonites and Fenway Fratboys, at least sometime before Election Day. But in the words of Terri Francona, echoing those of Dick Cheney after shooting the face off a GOP contributor, "It has been a frustrating week."

The Globe has it:

Not any more. He must have bent down. Didn't someone tell him not to bend down?

This comes at a tough time for the Celtic City Ellsburys. The other day, Bartolo Colon hurt himself, apparently while chugging a quart of Keystone. Colon will get an MRI as soon as mankind can build a magnetic tube large enough to fit him.

We are 4 losses behind Boston.

Can you imagine that?

Four losses off the AL East lead.

It's like going home to your mudhut after an earthquake to find your Lazy-Boy and satellite dish intact. For all the pain and suffering, you have everything you need.


Anonymous said...

24 approval rating!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, save the Phillies bats going quiet and Pinella fucking having Reed Johnson bunt (on an artificial turf field...Johnson is quick but was out by 3 steps) with 2 outs and Fukudome on 3rd.