Saturday, June 28, 2008

Find Chacon Before Red Sox Do

My sources tell me than Shawn Chacon left Houston's ballpark immediately after choking the Astro's GM during a lunch break.

He is, reportedly, hiding in his weekend home ( above ) in Belize.  After Sidney Ponson's fine Yankee debut last night, Yankee fans are all over the prospect of a Chacon/Ponson twin bill against the Tampa Rays

We only need to replace:  Russ Ohlendorf, Ian Kennedy, Phil Hughes, Chin Ming, Latroy Hawkins, Edwar Ramirez, Brian Bruney, Dan Geise and soon , Jose Veras, and Darrell Rasner.

Hate to say it folks, but the bubble has burst for all of these dudes.

Come out.  Come out.  Wherever you are.

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