Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jesus Maketh the Futureth Game

Future Yank savior/DH Jesus Montero is our lone representative for the Futures Game, which will be played over the all-star break at Yankee Stadium.

This sorta sucks. I would have thought the MLB Greeter Machine would have at least put two Yanks in the game, sort of like the way the Pro Bowl always selected two Saints, no matter how bad they were.

What happened to our vaunted farm system?

Jose Tabata has pouted like a 19-year-old. Dellin Betances has toggled between hurt and lousy. Austin Jackson is treading water. All those superheros that the online Syd Thrifts have been blathering about, they're in Bobby Abreu stat-land: .270 with a handful of HRs.

Don't take this the wrong way. Stats aren't everything. And we can't throw the bonus babies out with the bathwater. But I'm starting to wonder if that high-charged Yank farm system is a few bats and a lot of FAX machines.

Go Jesus.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Yankee farm system is a series of FAX machines.

There is no real talent.

But there are plenty of age-related excuses;

- he's still only 19.

- he's only 21.

- he's 26 but close to ready.

- he's getting his first start tonight, although he is 30 in October.