Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tough Outing for Redsocks Samurai Savior

Jeepers. You hate to see this kind of stuff happen to a great pitcher.

Dice-K's outing yesterday at Fenway.


S Schumaker walked.
A Miles homered to right, S Schumaker scored.
R Ludwick singled to right.
R Ankiel flied out to right.
T Glaus singled to left, R Ludwick to second.
C Duncan grounded out to first, R Ludwick to third, T Glaus to second.
J LaRue singled to left center, R Ludwick and T Glaus scored.
A Kennedy doubled to deep left, J LaRue to third.
B Ryan struck out swinging.


S Schumaker walked.
A Miles singled to shallow center, S Schumaker to second.
R Ludwick walked, S Schumaker to third, A Miles to second.


Charged with 7 ER in 1 inning.

Hey, give him a break. He's facing that incredible lineup of Schumaker, Miles and Ludwick.

Best part of the day: The Cards winning pitcher was Boggs.


Anonymous said...

Schumaker, Miles and Ludwick? They defended Ponson when he was arrested in Aruba, didn't they?

Anonymous said...

No, no: That's the Aruban law firm currently defending the Kalpo brothers and Joran van der Sloot.

Anonymous said...
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