Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yankee Victory Quiz

Test your insider knowledge of tonight's big Yankee victory.*

Joba Chamberlain threw....
a) 114 pitches.
b) 114 miles per hour.
c) 114 strike outs.
d) into the 114th inning.

In Pittsburgh, the Yankees have been excited to see...
a) Bill Mazeroski
b) TJ Beam
c) Doug Mientkiewicz
d) Robinson Cano

Even though we must celebrate tonight's victory, keep in mind...
a) we left 22 batters on base.
b) it's Pittsburgh
c) we're five losses behind Tampa.
d) we're throwing Giese and Ponson against the Mets.

We crushed them a night after a horrible game, in which Joe Girardi said we...
a) Sucked.
b) Stunk.
c) Blew.
d) Chewed.

*Remember: Every Yankee victory is a big Yankee victory.

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Anonymous said...

Just a note on that LoHud comment, I believe we actually do go back to Minnesota for another series this year.