Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Alphonso Finally Comments on Willie

" The Mets still have way more class than the Red Sox, but I am horrified at the way they informed Willie of his overdue vacation."

Now onto the business at hand: The Yankee's have got to hire Rick Peterson.

We have Dave Eiland working at the ML level, and Rick could be our guy at Scranton. He has rescued Mike Pelphry; he has made Perez into a 15 game winner; he got Billy Wagner straight for the last game; he made throw-in John Maine into a reliable number two; he is regarded as the best pitching coach north of the South Mexican Dirt Field League.

We have needs here, folks.

Ian Kennedy is a mental case. Phil Hughes is a walking accident ready to happen. Chin Ming is the accident that did happen. Andrew Brackman and Humberto Sanchez are eating up their major league eligibility in hospital wards. BJ Cox ( JB?) is nursing an achy arm again. This year's number one pick thinks he is being followed by trolls carrying elbow ligament replacements draped over their arms. And Carl Pavano believes that pitching in the Bigs means vamping around with hot cars, garbage trucks and babes giving him sponge baths.

Rick can be in charge of all this re-hab.
He can help.
And I say we need it.

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