Holy Crap! IT IS HIGH is - gulp - almost old enough to drink!

Holy Crap! IT IS HIGH is - gulp - almost old enough to drink!
Wish us happy birthday.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yankee nicknames for Chris Berman to consider

Ian “I do not believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in shooting John F.” Kennedy

Andy “Isn’t that lion cub sweet; let’s climb over the fence and” Petttitte.

Phil “Lemmie make you an offer you can’t reef” Hughes

Robinson “It’s not what we can’t know, but what we”Cano.

Derek “Hey, that broad over there? I ain't touching her. She's all yours. You brought her, you” Jeter.

Chris “Harrumph. May there always be a” Britton

Darrel “Trustee of the Federal Maximum Security Penitentiary at Alcat” Rasner

Sidney “Honey, I’ve got a real problem. No I can't come out of the bathroom. You gotta go to the store right now. I just used my last tam” Ponson.

JB Cox “2-inhibitor”

Kyle “You're a great salesman, and you've talked me into it. OK, I’ll buy the farn, but first we have to come to a decision on what the" Farnsworth

Johnny “Hey, mon, have a good” Damon.

Melky “My car is in the goddam shop, and I hate the bus, so I guess we'll have to take a” Cabrera.

Jose “My squires and I have traveled far and wide on behalf of King Arthur and his maiden, the love of my life, Lady Guene” Veras

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Anonymous said...

Nothing tops the time he said Scott "Supercalifragilisticexpiali" Brosius