Saturday, June 14, 2008


Start spreadin' the newwwwwwwwwws.

There is no way -- NO WAY -- this '08 edtion can slide back into the misery of May. NO FORDFRICKIN' WAY. After last night, it cannot happen.

A clutch Jeet homer in the eighth.

A great start from Joba.

Dedication of the Jose K. Veras Memorial Bridge to to Mari-- hell -- to Farnsworth. That's right! We're like Alaska, except instead of a bridge to nowhere, it's a bridge to Farnsworth -- and, hey, Kyle got the dirty job done last night. Yes.

Did we mention Farnsworth?

A save for Farnsy! It's like reaching into our pocket and finding Zazu's pebbles.

And the gun to second by Molina in the 9th.

Listen: We can't lose today. Understand? We cannot lose today. That's not how it works in the movies, on TV, even on reality TV, throughout the whole Marvel universe: There is the Rocky Theme moment, when naked wet fate and fully erect hope intertwine, when the truth shines in Howie Mandell's eyes, when that lovable team of hopeless misfits -- the Bad News Bears, the Mighty Ducks, the Iraqi Army, THE 2008 YANKEES -- suddenly coagulates into an unbeatable unit.


We cannot lose today.

We. Cannot lose today.

We cannot. Lose today.

We cannot lose. Today.

We. Cannot. Lose. Today.

(At least we better not.)


Anonymous said...

I think we are going to lose today.

Do we have a pitcher?

Don't forget, we will be relying on Russ Ohlendorf and that fat guy from the Orioles.

Naturally, we'll be good for two runs at best.

Just like last night.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to ignore that comment, Alph.

We. Are. Go. Ing. To. Win. To. Day.

Sean said...

Thing always happen differently than you expect. Watch the Yankees score 10 runs tonight. You just never know.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fonzy,
You'll never will the Powerball.