Sunday, June 22, 2008

Last night's Scranton linescore for Sidney Ponson, the Tuba from Aruba

Vs. the Mudhens of Toledo.
Innings: 4.0
Hits: 3
Runs: 2
Earned runs: 1
Walks: 3
Strikeouts: 2
ERA: 2.2.5
Pitches: 78
DWIs: 0
Assaults: 0
Arrests: 0*
Public exposures: 0
Obscene gestures: INC
Damage to hotel rooms: INC
Heroic rescues of children from burning buildings: 0
Keys to city accepted: 0
Speeches to non-profit groups on civic responsibility: 0
Beers consumed: INC
Entire sides of restaurant menus consumed: INC
Contacts with probation officers: INC
Lurid stories told about life in prison: INC
Flatulence Index: 9.7 (Estimated)
Uniform seams ripped out: UNKNOWN
Damages to team reputation: Priceless
*Yet reported

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