Friday, June 13, 2008

Kucinich Introduces Measure to Impeach Cashman

WASHINGTON _ Citing incompetence, disregard for the public good and the signing of Kyle Farnsworth, Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich today introduced formal articles of impeachment for Yankee General Manager Brian Cashman.

Kucinich, speaking at a Washington news conference, told reporters, "It's high time the Yankee muckitymuck bosses were made accountable for the systematic failures that have plunged the team -- and our nation -- into an economic and moral abyss.

"Nepotism, whether it be running a team or a nation, is never a good idea."

Kucinich noted the uncanny historical relationship between the Yankees and the American psyche -- a link that has endured several world wars and the entire era remembered for secondbaseman Horace Clarke.

"It is time we restore the Yankees to the top of the American League East," Kucinich said. "And that begins by cleaning house."

Contacted in New York, Hank Steinbrenner, the public profile son of owner George Steinbrenner, had no comment other than to ask a small child on the street if he had an extra cigarette.

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Anonymous said...

So far, other than on "Countdown," this is the most publicity Kucinich's impeachment bill has received.

Wonder why?

Bcause the Yankees suck?