Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dr. Alphonso Interviewed on Loss of Wang

As most of our readers know, it is the esteemed Dr. Andrews ( Birmingham, Alabama ) who is usually consulted on major injury situations for the Yankees.

Today, IIH IIF IIc called Dr. Alphonso to explain, in layman's terms, what is wrong with Chin Ming and Bruney.

" They both have screwed up the angle of their peroneus longus. So it is sitting like a ball of yarn on their cuboid bones.

This mis-aligns the outer tarsal bone , while leaving the innie pretty much at sea. In most right handed pitchers, the peroneus longus angles under the foot ( some call it the sole ) and connects to the big toe via the main bone of it.

If you don't have the right angle, the arch of the foot ( while walking ) will protrude up toward the belt line, creating problems when wearing a speedo."

" It is a tough band of tissue to work with. Rest and babes is the only known cure. Carl Pavano has had this condition in his arm for three years. When his pen touched the contract wrong, he injured these tendons."

" We haven't seen him since he hit that garbage truck in his sports car. Undoubtedly distracted by that upper arching mis alignment."


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the diagnosis of Dr. Jack Meough.

Anonymous said...

He is my favorite.